How to charge my vape safely

How to charge my Vape Safely or Vaping Battery Etiquette
As vapers we are trail blazing a fairly new technology.  Recently I have heard people describe their broken device or a device that no longer charges as it blew up.  This is easily said but can we try and use slightly less scary language as to a new vaper that is a red flag or potentially an excuse for them to keep killing themselves with traditional cigarettes.
Whilst we are on the subject of batteries its important to talk about charging etiquette
Built in batteries or separate cells and charging ?
Can you take the batteries out of your vape ?
If you can Do you charge them in the device using the usb port on your vape ?
Built in :
If the batteries do not come out then use the usb lead provided with the device (Always use the provided lead for safety reasons) Not all usb leads that look the same are the same. The reason it is fine is because the manufacturer has tuned the charging for the exact cell they have used and the exact lead they have provided.
Just make sure you are present when it is charging and do not leave them over night. Alway use a plug that will put a slow charge in if you can 1 amp preferably but if it gets hot use a plug that charges slower. If in doubt ask your local store
Separate Cells :
It is not recommended that users charge their separate cell devices with a usb lead in to the device. These devices can be charged via usb as an emergency measure but is not recommended as a permanent solution. This is not a line to sell chargers there are significant reason why it should be done externally. Do not assume that it is safe. These batteries are not made for vaping and the manufacturer has no idea what cells you are using. Best to use the safer solution of a named quality charger. Hint: if it has fire in the title it probably isn’t the safest for high drain vaping ie 30 watts plus
1. Most vapes cannot balance charge more than one cell. One cell is charged and then after that the next cell is charged. All of the drain, excess heat and over use of that one cell causes strain on that 1st battery in the vape and ultimately leads to the demise of that 1 battery leading to the need of a new pair. If lucky it will just stop working if unlucky the cell may go into melt down
2. If your batteries are not the same age, ie the same amount of charges, the same amount of use and charged together for their whole lives then they are unbalanced. Meaning they cannot deliver the high output required by your vape. This will lead to low performance and low battery life.
3. External chargers let you monitor the charge going in to your cells. Good quality chargers will put what is needed in as opposed to as much as possible as fast as possible which can caused issues. A good charger will slow the charge rate down to recondition a bad cell. Internal charging will not do this. Using a good external charger could mean your batteries getting you through a day away from your charging equipment or not.
Ultimately it is up to you how safe you want to be. Yes an external charger may sound like a hassle to you but it depends on the risks you want to take.
Please make sure your external cells have perfectly intact wraps on them If they have any of the metal showing under the wrap or the insulator on top please either re wrap or buy new cells
PS This post is not to scare you If you have any doubts about your charging routine just ask. Batteries get warm when they charge but if they are red hot then its time to look into it

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