Is vaping really that safe?

Do you have someone in your life who really needs to give up but still isnt sure?

We are happy to answer any questions they have. We want to help people stop smoking.

If they need some confidence first this article covers most if not all of the big things people say about vaping.

1. But we aren’t sure if its safe.

2. What about Popcorn lung ?

3. Some university said it causes heart disease

All propaganda of course but some of the public believe it or want to believe it.

If they still aren’t sure this article directly links to the NHS Smokefree website with a great deal of questions answered and a guide to giving up or switching

When considering switching to vaping the key word is switching as initially all you are giving up is the tar and cancer/disease causing chemicals in lit tobacco With the right device, nicotine strength and liquid you won’t crave anything.

If you are in the UK and want some advice as to what device is going to work for you best we have this post which breaks it down into more detail, you can comment below or contact Vapers Online at the links in the menu above. They have all switched or given up smoking themselves and have a great knowledge on the best way for you to be successful


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